Home Construction and Vacant Land Loans

We'll help make your dream home a reality.

  • Fixed Home Loan Interest Rates
    Fixed Home Loan Interest Rates

    Budget confidently with an interest rate that won't change.

  • Quick Closings
    Quick Closings

    We'll get you out the door and on to your project.

  • More Control
    More Control

    We won't get in the way, create needless worry or slow you down.

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Get Your Blueprints Ready

Let's Break Ground.

Building your own home can be a tremendously satisfying experience when completed, and we want you to enjoy it. That's why we make it easy for members in Grand Rapids and Lansing, Michigan and beyond to get a Construction Loan or Vacant Land Loan for their unique project.

If you have any questions about the process, contact a Mortgage Loan Specialist at mtgspecialist@adventurecu.org or 616-825-HOME.

A general contractor-assisted Construction Loan with Adventure Credit Union funds the building of a new home, with these features:

  • Low, fixed rates
  • One-time or two-time close.

The general contractor coordinates everything from the budget to hiring subcontractors, requesting inspections and obtaining building permits.

We no longer offer self-build construction loans.

Vacant Land Loans allow you to purchase parcels of unimproved land or refinance existing loans secured by unimproved land. These parcels may be located in a developed, platted subdivision or may be stand-alone parcels. Our Vacant Land Loans include these features:

  • Fixed interest rate financing
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Borrow up to 80% of the value of the land

Rely on our mortgage specialists to help you secure a mortgage that is right for you.

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    Mortgage Specialist
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    Mortgage Specialist
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    Mortgage Specialist