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Spare Change Savings - update to terms of service

5/4/2021: Itemized daily transfers for Spare Change savings end on June 1st

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Itemized Daily Transfers for Spare Change Savings End on June 1st

Starting on June 1st, we will no longer offer itemized daily transfers on our Spare Change savings account.  Moving forward, we will only offer daily lump sum transfers. 

Your Spare Change savings account will still function the same, the only difference is that you will see only one transfer per day when your debit card is used; rather than one transfer for each debit card transaction.

An Example to Demonstrate:
On Tuesday, June 1st, if you used your debit card for the following three transactions: $5.50, $21.10, and $10.80, your Spare Change account would automatically round up each transaction to the nearest dollar; that's $0.50, $0.90, and $0.20 respectively.

At the end of the day, in addition to your actual purchase amounts, your checking account will be debited one-time for $1.60.  This lump sum amount is calculated by adding together the "change" rounded up from each transaction (i.e., $0.50 + $0.90 + $0.20 = $1.60).  This $1.60 would then be transferred to your Spare Change savings account.