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Upgraded Digital Banking is Now Available

Please try our new Online Banking site and Mobile Banking app today!

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We are pleased to announce that our upgraded online banking site and mobile banking app are now available!  Please take a look at the helpful tips below to make sure you're ready to use our new system!

June 2nd

New System Available: As of June 2nd, all members are encouraged to use our new digital banking site and new mobile banking app.  Bill pay is now only available on our new platform.

June 9th

Current System Disabled: All members will be required to convert over to the new digital banking platform by Wednesday, June 9th at 9:00 AM ET .

To get started, please ensure:

  • You know your current digital banking username and password
  • The contact information on your account is up-to-date, including: cell phone and email address

If you need to update the information on your account, please contact us before June 9th to avoid any interruption in digital banking access.

Access Your New Experience

iOS and Android users will need to download our new app by clicking below or searching their respective app store for "Adventure CU Mobile."

Desktop users can access the new online banking site by clicking the button below.  You can also click "Log in to my account" at the top right corner of any page, then click "Upgraded Online Banking."

    Online Banking Login
    new mobile app sign in screen

    Use Existing Credentials

    You will sign in with your existing username and password.  However, iOS FaceID/TouchID and Android Fingerprint will need to be set up again after your first sign in.

    Having trouble signing in?  If you do not remember your password, please click on the "Trouble Signing In?" link available under all sign in forms.  If you do not remember your username, please contact us.

    For more information, view our FAQs page.

    button that reads view FAQs