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Little Adventurers Club

Kids can start learning about money while they build their savings.

  • For Young Savers
    For Young Savers

    Members up to 12 years of age can open an account.

  • Start Early
    Start Early

    Teaches children the advantages of saving.

  • Lots of Fun
    Lots of Fun

    Includes all types of rewards and goodies to make learning enjoyable.

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The First Step Toward Becoming Money-Savvy

Start Early.

It's always a good time to talk to your kids about using money wisely. And you can help them start building up their savings in the Little Adventurers Club, which makes saving fun for children in Grand Rapids, Lansing and other parts of Michigan.

  • Start earning interest on deposits of $10 or more
  • Get special rewards for your saving, like a chance to take something from our treasure chest when you deposit at an Adventure branch.

Teaching children how to manage money wisely is important for their future. Parents and grandparents can start communicating financial values and good habits at the earliest stages.

  • Young children can start counting coins and bills while saving them in piggy banks available at Adventure Credit Union branches.
  • Get kids involved in family shopping to learn how much money is required for everyday items and to understand the difference between wants and needs.
  • If you give kids an allowance, allow them some freedom in how they spend it and show them how to stick to their budget. provides various money resources to share with your children.

  • uses games to show kids how to understand advertising and become smarter consumers
  • The Mint Pointers for Parents helps parents teach good money habits to children
  • You Are Here uses games and interactive resources to teach consumer concepts about business competition, protecting financial information and spotting scams