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Digital Banking Upgrade Coming in June

4/22/2021: Learn more about this exciting enhancement to our online banking site and mobile banking app.

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new digital banking platform shown on mobile, desktop, and laptop


An upgraded digital banking is coming in June!  Rest assured, your user name and password will not change.  The new platform will retain all of our current features, and some exciting enhancements.

New features include:

  • My $ Snapshot, a personal financial management that allows you to connect and view all of your financial accounts, even those held by other companies, securely within Adventure's digital banking.  Having all of your accounts centralized makes budgeting and reaching your goals easier.
  • A new dashboard that provides comprehensive credit score analysis, full credit report, credit monitoring, and personalized offers- all in one place.  This new feature will help you better understand the factors that determined your credit score, and what you can do to improve.
  • Primary account owners no longer have to share their username and password with joint account owners.  Your joint account owner(s) can set up their own login credentials (for your shared account) by registering as a new digital banking user.  It's as easy as clicking "Register" on the sign in page, then following the prompts. 

    Our upgraded Digital Banking will offer additional security options and a more consistent experience across all devices.  Please watch your email for more information.