Credit Sense

  • Free Credit Report
    Free Credit Report

    Full your full credit report completely free

  • Scores Updated Daily
    Scores Updated Daily

    Refresh your credit score as often as every 24-hours

  • Credit Monitoring
    Credit Monitoring

    We'll monitor your credit report and alert you of any changes

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Adventure Credit Union members now have free access to Credit Sense!

The new Credit Sense tool located within our upgraded digital banking will help you understand your current credit score, give you access to your full credit report, and show you how you can improve your score.  Credit Sense also provides credit monitoring alerts, and shows you ways to save money on new and existing loans with Adventure Credit Union without having to visit a branch in Grand Rapids or Lansing, Michigan.

To get started, click the credit score tile on the "My Accounts" page within our upgraded Online Banking site or Mobile Banking app.

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With Credit Sense you can view your credit score any time without having to visit a branch in Grand Rapids or Lansing, Michigan, and check for updates (i.e., changes to your score) as often as every day.  Credit Sense uses a "soft inquiry;" checking your score with Credit Sense will not hurt your score.

Credit Sense pulls your credit profile from TransUnion, one of the three major credit reporting bureaus, and uses VantageScore 3.0, a credit scoring model developed collaboratively by the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. The VantageScore model seeks to make score information more uniform between the three bureaus to provide consumers a better picture of their credit health.

You can also learn how to improve your score by seeing what you're doing right and wrong with the criteria that determines your score:

  • Payment History
  • Credit Usage
  • Account Mix
  • Credit Age
  • Inquiries

Finally, Credit Sense has a built in "Score Simulator" tool so you can see how various actions will hurt or improve your score.  For example, how will opening a new credit card impact your score?  Know you can find out before you act!

With Credit Sense, Adventure Credit Union members can access their full credit report for free within Online and Mobile Banking.  Credit Sense presents your credit report in a format that is easy to read and understand.

According to a study conducted by the Federal Trade Commission, 1 in 5 Americans have at least one error on their credit report.  Errors could be hurting your score!  The best to catch an error to review your credit report.  If you do find an error on your credit report, you can start a dispute with TransUnion online right away.

Credit Sense helps your protect your credit with free credit monitoring. 

With credit monitoring, you can see what changed on your score and learn how you can improve your financial wellness.  We will also monitor your credit report daily and alert you of any key changes.

If you are ever the victim of identity theft, credit monitoring is a great way to catch and stop fraudulent accounts and loans quickly!

Within Credit Sense, you will also have free access to educational resources.  Access our library of frequently asked questions concerning: credit scores, credit reports, building credit, and how your credit score influences lenders.

You will also have free access to the "Your Money" blog featuring articles from top authors such as Jean Chatzky, financial editor for NBC's TODAY Show.

Access Credit Sense today by click the credit score title on the accounts page within Online or Mobile Banking.