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  • Manage Money Anytime
    Manage Money Anytime

    Transfer money, make payments and more, whenever it's convenient.

  • Secure and Free Bill Pay
    Secure and Free Bill Pay

    Enroll in Bill Pay and keep closer track of your monthly bills.

  • Go Mobile
    Go Mobile

    Download our free Mobile Banking app and take care of business on your phone or tablet.

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We make setting up your Online Banking easy.
Just follow the steps in our Online Banking Guide.

With your busy life, you need a thorough secure way to manage your Adventure accounts without having visit a branch in Grand Rapids or Lansing. Enter Free Online Banking. When you enroll, you immediately have access to powerful features such as Bill Pay, which allows you to schedule payments automatically. You also can transfer money between your accounts, monitor activity and download our free app to complete the same tasks on your phone or tablet.

Check out all the things you can do with  our Michigan Online Banking to make managing your accounts easy and secure. Take a look at "Inside Online Banking" below.

Why do I get asked Security Questions when I log in to Online Banking?

This is part of Multifactor Authentication, also known as MFA, which provides an added layer of fraud protection by helping ensure that only you can access your Adventure Credit Union account. The security questions are ones you pick and know the answers to.

MFA remembers your computer or which device you are using to access your Adventure accounts online. Should you need to log in from a different computer or device than you normally do, we'll take additional steps to verify your identity, such as asking you to answer your security questions. MFA uses a unique identifier for each computer and device you use to access your Adventure Credit Union accounts. Please note, no personal or private data is stored in any way, your security and privacy are our utmost priority.

Why do I have to pick a picture image?

This is another security piece of MFA. When you enroll, you'll receive an image and caption known only to you, called a watermark. Whenever you log in, we will show you this image so you can be assured that you are accessing your account on the legitimate Adventure Credit Union site, protecting you from fraud. If you log in to Online Banking and you don't see your image and caption or you don't recognize them, stop and verify that you entered the correct user name. If you verify that your username is correct and still don't have the right image and caption, don't input your password. Stop, and contact Adventure Credit Union at 800-323-2129.

In addition to all the transactions you can make with your Adventure Online Banking, you can also:

  • Manage your Adventure VISA card with the tab GoToMyVISA
  • Manage your Adventure Mortgage with the tab GoToMyMortgage
  • Apply for a loan
  • View your eStatements
  • Chat safely with one of our Adventure agents
  • Send us a secure message through our Message Center
  • Set alerts under the Options tab
  • Transfer to another Adventure member’s account with our Member to Member transfer
  • View your Edge Checking dashboard
  • Manage your bills online with our free Bill Pay

First time users of ONLINE Banking will need to go through our online enrollment process. You can access the enrollment form on the ONLINE Banking log-in page. Simply click the log-in button on the Adventure website homepage. This will take you to the Online Enrollment Agreement where you will follow the prompts.

Online Agreement - This agreement outlines your rights and guidelines using our online services. You must accept this agreement to use our online services. Read our ONLINE Banking and Bill Pay Terms and Conditions.

For first time Adventure Online Banking users see our instructions, Online Banking Users Handout.


By using the Adventure Credit Union Web site you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Below are the recommended Web Browser versions to make use of Electronic Services at Adventure Credit Union.

Adventure Credit Union supports the current and one prior major release of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (Apple/Mac).

SUPPORTED BROWSERS - Current and One Prior Major Release

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari - Apple/Mac users

Please note that older browsers may still work, but may result in disabled functionality, or limited access to services. It is recommended that you check for the latest version by visiting the links below: