Online Bill Pay

Never miss another due date.

  • Helps Keep You Organized
    Helps Keep You Organized

    All your bills are in one place, easily accessible without paper clutter.

  • Schedule Your Payments
    Schedule Your Payments

    Line up all of your bill payments together and schedule them by due date.

  • Save Time and Money
    Save Time and Money

    No more time spent writing out checks and mailing payments.

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Take Control of Your Bill Payments

Automate For Easier Management.

You'll love the convenience and security of our online bill payment service. To pay bills online, just log in to Online Banking and add companies to which you make payments every month. Pay your mortgage, credit cards, utilities and any other bills quickly by either making one-time payments or setting up payments on a recurring schedule.

By using this free service, you can easily track all of your activity and avoid the costly fees that come when you get busy and make a late payment. You can add or change payees anytime and manage the entire process without visiting a Grand Rapids or Lansing, Michigan branch.


With all the paper clutter that daily life produces, it can be difficult to manage debt effectively and keep our financial matters in order. BILL PAY helps us stay organized and exercise good debt management skills. We know that not managing your debt properly can lead to other money problems down the line - missing a payment here or there or paying late has an impact on your credit score.


Online bill payment is faster and easier than check-and-stamp method of paying bills. Basically, it can eliminate the procrastination factor. You can set up monthly payments to re-occur every month automatically (recurring payments), or, you can review an e-bill or mailed bill and make a one-time payment (single payment). And, when you pay your bills online, you also have recourse if there's a dispute since you can look up records of pay dates and amounts.


It's a good idea to download your BILL PAY history. This can help you monitor your budget, understand where your money is going, and give you a good idea on what to expect. Simply log into your BILL PAY account, click on View Reports, and follow the steps. If you have any questions, just contact Adventure Credit Union.

Basically, online bill pay is a method of payment which allows an individual to issue payment instructions to a creditor or payee electronically. Online bill pay is designed to be quick, secure, and easy to use. You can either choose to manually enter your payments, or set up for automatic payments from your bill pay account in advance of the due date.

Your scheduled payments can be changed or eliminated at any time because you are in control of your payments. While some creditors encourage you to set up payments by having them taken/withdrawn automatically from your checking account, the benefit of online bill pay is that you control the transaction, creditors don't have access to your account.

BILL PAY is secure, easy, and best of all, as a member of Adventure, there is no charge! Enroll and start using BILL PAY today!

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