Business Line of Credit

Extra funds at an affordable cost.

  • Interest-Only Minimum Payments
    Interest-Only Minimum Payments

    Keep your business financing costs low at the beginning.

  • Reduced Closing Costs
    Reduced Closing Costs

    You won't get gouged trying to secure your loan.

  • Low Interest Rates, Flexible Loan Terms
    Low Interest Rates, Flexible Loan Terms

    Designed to help you make the most of your money.

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Peace of Mind Comes From Adventure Credit Union's Business Credit Line.

Financial Back-Up When You Need It.

Whatever business expenses arise, we'll help you cover them with our Business Line of Credit for companies in Lansing, Grand Rapids and other parts of Michigan. This is the perfect business solution to address seasonal swings and other short-term business financing needs.

For more information on our Michigan business loans, contact our business lending professionals by calling us at 800-323-2129 or emailing [email protected].