Debit Cards

Quick, Convenient and Apple Pay compatible.

  • Wallet-Friendly Convenience
    Wallet-Friendly Convenience

    There's no maintenance fee, finance charge or transaction fee.

  • Nationwide ATM Access
    Nationwide ATM Access

    Withdraw money at 30,000+ surcharge-free ATMs.

  • Apple Pay Compatible
    Apple Pay Compatible

    Pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch Digital Wallet

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Adventure Credit Union's MasterCard® Debit Card opens up so many possibilities in Michigan.

Quick and Convenient.

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It's nearly impossible to go a day without using your debit card. Immediate access to cash at surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. No time wasted writing checks. Your debit card is indispensable. 

MasterCard® Debit Card’s open up opportunities for Michigan members in Grand Rapids, Lansing and beyond. No matter which Adventure checking account you open, your debit card is free.  Just activate your debit card by calling 877.205.0726.

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Apple Pay compatible!

Expanded ATM Access

  • Along with Adventure Credit Union ATMs, you can access surcharge-free ATMs across the country through our CO-OP ATM Network affiliation
    ATM Networks 

    As a member of Adventure Credit Union, you have access to any Adventure Credit Union ATM, click here for locations, along with surcharge free access at CO-OP Network ATMs. We have relationships with CO-OP Network which provides surcharge free withdrawal access to an extended network of ATMs throughout the United States and Canada. 

    Adventure Credit Union ATMs in Grand Rapids and Lansing - click here

    CO-OP ATM Network:
    Adventure Credit Union is a member of the CO-OP ATM network which means as a member of Adventure Credit Union, you can use nearly 30,000 ATMs nationwide for surcharge free withdrawals. CO-OP also offers ATMs at a variety of places you may commonly shop, including select Costco, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven locations. For a location near you, click here

    Security and Protection

    • If you card is lost or stolen, call our 24-hour hotline at 833-933-1681

    • MasterCard® Securecode provides additional layers of security against identity theft when you register your card

    • Remember, Adventure Credit Union offers ID Safe Choice, a professional identity theft recovery service for our members. 
    Use your Adventure Credit Union Debit Card with Apple Pay!
    Follow this handy how to document to help you set up your Apple Pay account: Apple Pay Step by Step

    Learn about how and where you can use Apple Pay here:

    Find all the places that accept Apple Pay:


    Don't risk being turned away at the counter! Don't risk the hassle, expense, and embarrassment of a declined debit card transaction due to insufficient funds. 

    Adventure Credit Union provides multiple layers of protection to ensure you have the purchasing power you deserve all year long.  The first line of defense is allowing overdraft transfers from a share account or line of credit.  The next line of defense is Courtesy Pay.

    Changes in federal regulations require Adventure to receive your consent before we cover overdrafts on items such as everyday debit and ATM transactions. If you have not told us that you want your overdrafts covered, you run the risk of having your debit card declined when you need it most. However, by giving us your consent, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing your credit union will pay your transaction in the event of an overdraft up to an approved limit. Call our Contact Center today at 800-323-2129 to enroll your account.

    If you have concerns, questions, or find unusual activity in your account, please contact Adventure Credit Union. Contact Adventure via phone with at 800-323-2129; send us a secure email, click here for information; or visit any of our convenient MI branch locations, click here to find one near you. 

    Visit our Security Pages for helpful information, links and more. 

    When you're not using your debit card, you can use our Online Banking site or Mobile Banking app to lock it so that transactions are unable to be processed.  If you get in the habit of unlocking your card only when you need to use it, you're nearly always protected from unauthorized use of your physical card or card number.

    How to Guide:

    1. Log in to Online or Mobile Banking
    2. Click "Cards" on the menu
    3. Click "Lock Card"
    4. When you're ready to use your card again, return to the Cards screen and click "Unlock Card"

    If you have more than one debit card on your account, you scan swipe to the right or click the arrow to move between cards.  Each card will be locked/unlocked individually.

    Our Online Banking site and Mobile Banking app allow you to set up a "Debit Card alert" that will notify you via text and/or email whenever your debit card is used.  If you get an alert when you know you haven't used your card, you can quickly review the transaction in digital banking, then contact the credit union for assistance.

    How to Guide:

    1. Log in to Online or Mobile Banking
    2. Click "Settings" from the menu
    3. Click "Alerts"
    4. Click the "My Alerts" tab
    5. Click the "Add New" button
    6. Select "Debit Card" from the Alerts menu
    7. The select your desired options from the available fields and click "Save"

    • Please tell us about your travel plans so we can put temporary exclusions on your card.  Using your card in new places, distant from your home can cause your card to be flagged for suspicious activity.  Notifying us in advance can help avoid these situations.
    • Make sure you have a backup card when you travel in case your primary card is lost, stolen, or impacted by fraud.  We suggest having both an Adventure debit card and VISA credit card.
      • You can apply for a new VISA credit card or limit increase on an existing VISA by visiting a branch, applying online, or calling 800.323.2129, and selecting option 4.
      • [Schedule an Appointment]
    • Be sure to set up alerts on all of your Adventure cards.  Debit card alerts can be configured in digital banking.  VISA credit card alerts can be configured via eZCard, also within digital banking.  Alerts help monitor your account, and notify you of any changes so that you can respond quickly.
    • Whenever you travel, make sure you have your credit union account number with you.  If you need to visit a Shared Branch credit union location, their tellers will need your credit union name and account number. 
    • Whether you are at home or traveling, the best way to mail us a VISA credit card payment is to send your check to: Adventure Credit Union PO Box 895 Grand Rapids, MI 49518