Business Account

The go-to checking and savings account for your small business.

  • Attentive Experts
    Attentive Experts

    We take time to understand and address your business goals.

  • Convenient Services
    Convenient Services

    Get the tools you need to manage your Michigan business.

  • Prompt Loan Approval
    Prompt Loan Approval

    Time is money, and we'll provide quick answers to your requests.

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A Basic Bank Account For Your Business

It Starts Here.

You need a solid business bank account with savings and checking features that provides what you want and doesn't get in your way. Adventure Credit Union’s Business Account is ideal for small-business owners in Grand Rapids, Lansing and other parts of Michigan who want convenient services but have lower transaction volumes.

For more information, contact our professionals by calling us at 800-323-2129 or emailing [email protected].