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Historically, credit unions have been strong charitable contributors to their communities and Adventure is no exception having consistently donated money to many organizations over the years. This year our goal is to not only to give monetarily to local causes, but to give our time and energy as well. We created a task force in late 2017 to conduct research to determine the best way to focus our monetary and volunteer resources. This task force evolved into the Adventure Gives Team. The Adventure Gives Team selected the following organizations to partner with in 2018:

Greater Lansing Food Bank
Habitat for Humanity Grand Rapids & Lansing
Humane Society of West Michigan & Capital Region
Urban Roots (GR)

Throughout the year we will be assisting these organizations through volunteer efforts and monetary contributions. Read more about these exciting organizations below. In some instances there may be volunteer opportunities for members too! Stay informed by frequently visiting our website or our Facebook page for more information.

Their Mission
Partner to alleviate hunger one meal at a time, to create a future where everyone has access to nourishing food

What do they do at the Greater Lansing Food Bank?
We feed people. We make certain that everyone in our community has access to nutritious food, because we can all agree, that no one should ever go hungry in our community.

Where does GLFB get food?
The food bank gets food from retailers, the USDA, food producers, purchased goods and from food drive donations.

Who do they serve?
Everyone at risk, because hunger does not discriminate. We provide emergency food to families and children and retirees and veterans who have served our country. We serve people who look just like you and me. We help people to perform better at work and school and at home, because food is a basic need. Remember, that no one ever plans to be hungry.

Adventure Gives Involvement
We've partnered with GLFB to work with them as volunteers helping with anything from fundraising events to sorting food.

To learn more or get involved with GLFB visit:

Habitat for Humanity of Kent County and Lansing bring people together to build homes, communities, and hope.

A world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Habitat for Humanity of Kent County and Lansing seek to be a partner and catalyst in building a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

METHOD: Bringing people together
Habitat for Humanity of Kent County & Lansing believe that no one lives in dignity until everyone can live in dignity. When the broad community is engaged in addressing the urgent need for adequate, affordable housing, we all become less vulnerable and more resilient. In bringing people together, Habitat Kent practices a philosophy of “a hand up, not a handout,” and builds on existing community assets: financial, physical, natural, human, social and spiritual.

IMPACT: Homes, communities and hope
In seeking truly transformed communities, Habitat Kent & Lansing views bringing people together not only as a way to deliver a product—improved housing—but as an essential process for building hope and believe that healthier communities are achievable and beneficial for all. When we work together, statistics become faces with names, stereotypes are broken, and everyone has the opportunity both to give and receive. Only then is lasting change likely to occur.

Adventure Gives Involvement
We have set up dates throughout the year to go and help build homes, change lives, and transform our community.

To learn more or get involved with Habitat for Humanity of Kent county visit: or for Habitat for Humanity of Lansing

To promote the humane treatment and responsible care of animals in West Michigan & Lansing through education, example, placement and protection.

To build a more compassionate community where all animals are given the care they deserve.

Adventure Gives Involvement
We've partnered with both the West Michigan & Capital Region Humane Societies to not only donate money but also our time helping with weeding, painting, laundry and general cleaning of their facilities throughout the year.

To learn more or get involved with the Humane Society of West Michigan visit: or for the Capital Region Humane Society.

Urban Roots is a local urban farm in the Madison Square neighborhood. Their mission is “to cultivate durable and resilient families, communities and ecosystems through urban agriculture.”

Urban Roots also believes “Our greatest teacher continues to be the forest, wherein highly diverse species not only cohabitant amongst one another, but actually thrive because of the differences between them all”. 

In 2015, following two years of urban farming and teaching throughout the city of Grand Rapids, Urban Roots settled into the Madison Square neighborhood. With this move to one of the most devastated and yet historically culturally rich areas of Grand Rapids, they began the true process of learning from the neighborhood and our city to develop this work in resilient ways. They are committed to the idea of building a regenerative organizational model that fosters empowerment over charity, stewardship over dominance, and community over privatization. Though sometimes challenging, they remain committed to the idea that cultivation - stewarding that which already exists - is far more powerful than construction - imposing a set of ideas onto an already functioning system. 

Adventure Gives Involvement:

•       Open Houses

•       Group Service Learning

•       On-site Projects

To learn more or get involved with Urban Roots GR visit:

Through our research we found many organizations had “Wish Lists” of items needed on an ongoing basis. We decided to select one organization per quarter and purchase wish list items with the money raised by Adventure employees through their optional jeans day donations. The four organizations we will be focusing on in 2018 for the "Wish List" are:

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital