Save to Win CD

The best way to Win Big!

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  • Easy to Open
    Easy to Open

    Start saving with a $25 minimum deposit.

  • Win Prizes
    Win Prizes

    Every $25 deposited into your account, up to $250 per month, will earn you entries in Monthly and Quarterly drawings.

  • Solid Growth Interest Rates
    Solid Growth Interest Rates

    Get more for your money by keeping it deposited until the Certificate of Deposit matures.

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The smartest way to save

Save to Win.

The Save to Win Program is our free prize-linked share certificate that rewards Grand Rapids and Lansing, Michigan members for contributing to their own savings account. Just open a 12-month Save to Win share certificate of deposit with at least $25, and you’ll be entered to win monthly and quarterly prizes. In addition to gaining regular interest on your savings, each additional deposit of $25 gives you more chances to win! Members can earn up to 10 entries per month, so the more you save, the more chances you have to win.

To date, the Save to Win Program has helped credit union members save nearly $200 million. In addition to savings, more than $3.1 million in prizes have been given away to participating members nationwide. With monthly and quarterly prizes ranging from $25 to $5,000, members save money, gain interest and have a chance at great cash prizes. With a Save to Win account, there’s nothing to lose and everything to win!

Official Rules
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What is the Save to Win CD account?

Save to Win is a prize-linked savings account that incents account holders with the chance to win prizes just for saving! It is set up as a 12-month share certificate or certificate of deposit and requires an opening deposit of $25.

How does the Save to Win CD account work?

The goal of the Save to Win account is to foster a regular habit of saving money among account holders. The more a person saves, the more chances they earn towards winning prizes. For every $25 deposit, an account holder earns one entry into the monthly, quarterly and/or annual prize drawings.

How can account holders sign up for a Save to Win CD account?

Account holders must be a member of a participating credit union. To search for participating credit unions near you, use the feature at the top of this page and select your state or narrow your search by county.

What are the requirements to open an account and win prizes?

The savings raffle is open to credit union members that are at least 18 years of age (19 in Nebraska), are residents of a state in which the principal place of business of one or more participating credit unions is located, and who maintains a regular share account in good standing with the credit union.

Can my child have a Save to Win CD account?

No. This account is only available to persons 18 years or older. Children may not be primary or joint account holders on a Save to Win account.


It's easy to participate in Save to Win. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open a 12-month Save to Win share certificate with at least $25. This first deposit earns you an entry into the current month and quarterly drawings.
  2. Make deposits into your share certificate each month. Every $25 deposit earns you an entry into the drawings, up to 10 prize entries per month.
  3. Prizes ranging from $25 to $5,000 will be awarded monthly and quarterly. For a complete list of prizes click here. Plus, some credit unions offer additional member prizes. For additional prize information, refer to your credit union's official rules for details. 
  4. See your credit union's Official Rules for prize eligibility, payout information and other drawing details. 

When you Save to Win, you not only get a chance at winning $5,000 each quarter, but you walk away with the deposits you made over the year – plus interest. A definite win-win situation!

Save to Win central prizes:

Prize Drawings
Number of Winners
Prize Amounts
Total Winners
Total Prizes
Drawing Dates
 Monthly 155 $25 1,860 $46,500 14th of each month (Feb. 2022- Jan. 2023)
  2 $500 24 $12,000 14th of each month (Feb. 2022- Jan. 2023)
  1 $1,000 12 $12,000 14th of each month (Feb. 2022- Jan. 2023)
Quarterly 15 $500 60 $30,000 14th of Apr, Jul, Oct 2022 and Jan 2023
  10 $1,000 40 $40,000 14th of Apr, Jul, Oct 2022 and Jan 2023
  1 $2,500 4 $10,000 14th of Apr, Jul, Oct 2022 and Jan 2023
  1 $5,000 4 $20,000 14th of Apr, Jul, Oct 2022 and Jan 2023
 Total n/a n/a 2,004 $170,500 n/a

Prizes supplied by Adventure Credit Union:
Credit Union Prize Drawings Awarded to winning Participating Members as follows:
Four (4) winning entries will be randomly selected to receive a $25.00 cash prize each month. Two (2) winning entries will be randomly selected to receive a $50.00 cash prize each month. One (1) winning entry will be randomly selected to receive a $100.00 cash prize each month.

Official Rules