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Loan Calculators

Important financial matters require good data so you can make the choice that best suits you. We provide powerful calculators that are easy to use so you can dig into the details of your finances and determine the potential impact of your decisions.

Mortgage Qualifier Calculator

Determine your budget before you buy.

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Mortgage Loan Calculator

Analyze all the variables that can impact your payments.

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Refinance Calculator

See if it makes sense for you to refinance your mortgage.

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Amortizing Loan Calculator

Examine all elements of your personal loan.

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Enhanced Loan Calculator

Calculate all of your possible loan options.

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Loan Comparison Calculator

Dig into the numbers to find the best value.

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Lease vs. Buy Calculator

Use this the next time you shop for a vehicle.

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Checkbook Balancer Calculator

Get your checkbook in balance quickly.

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Credit Assessment Calculator

See if your credit is good, fair or needs improvement.

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