Spare Change Savings

Extra coins can really add up.

  • Automatic Savings
    Automatic Savings

    We round up each purchase to the nearest dollar and deposit the difference in this account.

  • Stay Focused
    Stay Focused

    You're allowed one withdrawal per quarter to encourage you to save more.

  • Matching Deposits
    Matching Deposits

    We'll match a portion of your deposits during your first 60 days of using the account.

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A Little Bit Each Time Will Go A Long Way.

Automatic Savings.

So much of your banking experience has gone digital, so why not your penny jar, too? Spare Change Savings is the round-up savings account that deposits extra change into your account by rounding your payment to the nearest dollar every time you use your MasterCard Debit Card

It's the perfect way to save toward a special treat, create a financial cushion or just feel good about being smart with your money.  You'll love watching your money grow at our competitive rate.

  • Whenever you use your Adventure Credit Union debit card, we will round up your purchase to the next whole dollar. 
  • The round up is deposited into your Spare Change account. 
  • Withdrawals are allowed one per quarter. 

Minimum balance: Rate Image
APY*: Rate Image