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Craft Loans

Personalized loans for your unique needs and goals.

  • Simple Application
    Simple Application

    Start online and get approval quickly.

  • Financing Options
    Financing Options

    Choose to receive your money as a lump-sum loan or line of credit.

  • Variety of Uses
    Variety of Uses

    Apply your loan to any expenses
    you can imagine.

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Your borrowing needs are as individual as you. A cookie-cutter approach doesn't do you justice, which is why we offer Craft Loans that can be customized to fit. These personal loan options for members in Grand Rapids, Lansing and other parts of Michigan can be dispersed as lump-sum loans or lines of credit.

At Adventure, we help you customize or craft the type of loans that fit your needs. We have a lot of options to fit you. Make sure you visit our Loan Special page or simply contact us.

A Signature Loan or Line of Credit lets you address any personal expenses or consolidate debt to save money. With a Savings Secured Loan, you can borrow against the value of your Adventure Savings account or Certificate of Deposit while your money continues growing in the account. This option is ideal if you're building your credit history or you need to repair your credit.

We'll help you secure the right loan with the right terms for your budget and goals.