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Totally free, completely satisfying.

  • Truly Free Checking
    Truly Free Checking

    There's no monthly service fees or minimum balance requirement.

  • Vast ATM Network
    Vast ATM Network

    Surcharge-free withdrawals from 30,000+ ATMs throughout Michigan and nationwide.

  • Convenient Access
    Convenient Access

    Manage your money through Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Bill Pay.

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Free yourself of nuisance fees with the checking account that fits you.

Take Advantage of Adventure Checking.

Turns out there's still such a thing as a free checking account. With so many banks tacking restrictive fees on their accounts, free checking is nothing to take for granted.

Adventure Credit Union is proud to offer Adventure Checking as a reflection of our investment in your financial well-being. You are empowered to make the most of your money, rather than getting nickel-and-dimed at every turn.

Free checking opens up opportunities for Michigan members in Grand Rapids, Lansing and beyond. Open a checking account online today.

Balancing your checkbook is easy with our Checkbook Balancer Calculator, click here.

For more information and to order checks, visit the Benefits section below.

Spare Change
  • MasterCard™ Debit Card purchase totals are rounded to the nearest dollar and the extra change is automatically deposited into your Spare Change Savings account
Online Services
Debit Card
  • MasterCard™ Debit Card accepted worldwide
  • No monthly maintenance or transaction fee
  • Instant issue available
  • Accepted worldwide
Check Orders
ATM Access and Banking Services
  • Four free ATM transactions per month at non-Adventure CU ATMs
  • Surcharge-free withdrawals through CO-OP
ID Safe Choice
  • Protect against identity theft for only $1.75 per month
Courtesy Pay
  • Covers payments when your Debit Card is declined.  Read more.

Whether or not you use physical checks, it’s a good idea to keep a record of your transactions, which is what most people mean when they say “checkbook.” That’s just the form that has been used for the last several decades, so the terminology has stuck.

In an age of online banking and smartphone apps, many people no longer bother to balance or reconcile their checking accounts. But, staying on top of your balance and transaction activity will help you avoid fees, avoid fraud, and better manage your money.

How to Keep Track of Your Balances

Just get started. Record things as they happen. Find your method that works and stick to it. If you haven’t been balancing your checkbook, you need to start somewhere. Begin today by recording what left your checking account(ATM withdraws, auto deduction for utilities, debit card purchase, etc.),or entered(paycheck deposits, etc.) your account, and, what is pending on your account. Here are some helpful tips to keep track of your money:

Keep your own records: Each time you make a transaction, record it and keep a running balance in your transaction register or whatever you are using. Adding deposits and recording all withdrawals, including checks, ATM withdrawals, debit card purchases, and automatic bill payments, helps ensure that your records are accurate and aids in balancing your account.

Monitor your transaction activity: By reviewing your transaction history with some frequency (daily, weekly or monthly), you can be sure that you have recorded all of your transactions. By monitoring your account, you gain a better understanding of your balances and your pending and posted transactions. When checking your transaction activity and balance through any Adventure Credit Union service such as ONLINE Banking, MOBILE Banking, ATM inquiry, or by phone, remember to subtract any transactions that you have initiated that have not posted to your account to know how much you have available to spend or withdraw. You are responsible for handling your Adventure checking account wisely and not spending more money than you really have.

Know your account balance: Before making a purchase, using your debit card, writing a check, or making a withdrawal, check your account balance. Checking your account balance helps ensure that you have enough funds available before you spend. Many members set up balance alerts on their accounts through ONLINE Banking or MOBILE Banking.  

If you are not yet a member of Adventure Credit Union, you are still welcome to apply for an Adventure Checking account.  We can easily process your application for Adventure Checking and membership at the same time.  Don't worry, our online application is secure, and it only requires a $5 deposit to your new accounts.

Adventure Credit Union is open to anyone who lives, works, worships, or attends school in the following counties: Allegan, Barry, Clinton, Eaton, Ingham, Kent, Livingston, Newaygo, Ottawa, and Shiawassee.

Have questions for us?  Click the "Chat with Us!" button between 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.  Or call us after-hours at 800.323.2129.

Who is Adventure Credit Union?

Simply put, we're like a bank but better!  Like a bank, we offer financial services: loans, mortgages, savings accounts, checking accounts, and more.  Unlike a bank, we're a not-for-profit organization owned by our members.  This means, we work in the best interest of our members (i.e., accountholders) rather than investors.  Our non-profit status allows us offer low interest rates on our Holiday Loans and keep our account fees to the bare minimum.  When you open a share account with Adventure Credit Union, you'll never be charged a minimum balance fee or an account maintenance fee.


How do I join?

If you'd like to open an Adventure Checking account, we suggest following these steps.

  1. Apply for membership; be sure to select "Adventure Checking" from the "Available Products" section on page one.
  2. Wait for us to respond via email
  3. We'll walk you through opening your new membership