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  • Low Interest Rate Mortgages
    Low Interest Rate Mortgages

    Enjoy rates as low as 5.875%

  • Lower Monthly Payments
    Lower Monthly Payments

    An ARM makes buying affordable today

  • Work with Local Experts
    Work with Local Experts

    Our Mortgage Specialists are there every step of the way

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5/6 ARM:

Our 5/6 ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) starts with an interest rate lower than a conventional fixed rate mortgage.  This low 'introductory' rate is guaranteed for the first 5-years, making it easier for you to qualify for and get established in your new home.  After the 5th year, your mortgage interest rate will adjust (up or down) to the market rate every six months.

Please click below to learn more about our 5/6 ARM.  To learn more or get answers to your questions, please connect with one of our Mortgage SpecialistsWhen you work with Adventure Credit Union, our streamlined mortgage process will get you into your dream home quickly!

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5/6 ARM Features:
  • Low introductory rate guaranteed for 5-years
  • 30-year term
  • Minimum 20% down payment required
  • Minimum credit score is 680
You may be a good candidate for our 5/6 ARM, if you:
  • Want a monthly payment that is lower than a conventional fixed-rate mortgage
  • Believe that interest rates will go down over the next five years
  • Plan to move, refinance, or pay off your mortgage within five years
For existing homeowners, our 5/6 ARM is also a great alternative to a Home Equity Loan or HELOC.

Adjustable Mortgage Example:
Home Purchase Price: $250,000
Loan Amount: $200,000
Intro Rate: 5.875%**
Term: 30-years

Monthly Payment = $1,183

Fixed Rate Mortgage Example:
Home Purchase Price: $250,000
Loan Amount: $200,000
Fixed Rate: 7.875%**
Term: 30-years

Monthly Payment = $1,450

**Rates shown are for demonstration purposes.  Please see today's rates below, and contact a Mortgage Specialist for complete details.

5/6 ARM
Rates Effective: October 11, 2023
TitleCredit TierRateAPR*
5/6 ARM; 30-year term760 5.875%7.453%
5/6 ARM; 30-yerm term720 - 7596.125%7.562%
5/6 ARM; 30-year term680 - 7196.375%7.672%
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate.  Rates shown require a minimum down payment of 20% and a maximum debt-to-income ratio of 44%.  APRs are based on a $250,000 purchase price and a $200,000 loan amount. 

Rely on our mortgage specialists to help you secure a mortgage that is right for you.