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Adventure’s Routing & Transit # is 272480432.
For direct deposit instructions, please be sure to use a 12-digit account number format. Add a zero to the end of your account number and add enough zeroes to the beginning to make it 12 digits. For example:
An account number of 12345 would be formatted as 000000123450.
An account number of 12340 would be formatted as 000000123400.

All tax forms are required to be postmarked or posted online by January 31st, 2024. This includes 1098 Mortgage Interest Statements, 1098 HELOC, 1099’s, IRA and HSA tax forms.

1098 Mortgage Interest Statements will be mailed by January 31st, 2024. Please wait until after this time to reach out to us as we will not have any information available prior to the statements being mailed. If not received by February 10th, please contact Mortgage Servicing at (800) 323-2129 x2012 or [email protected].

For all other tax forms you will receive an email once your forms are available in Online Banking. If we do not have a correct email address on file for you, your tax forms will be mailed.

Please Note: 1099’s are not issued if the year-to-date interest earned is less than $10, but the year-to-date interest amount is always disclosed on monthly account statements.

For assistance with accessing your tax forms online or questions regarding the correct account number format, please call (800) 323-2129 and select option 6 to reach our Contact Center.

Get Statements Electronically.

With eStatements, you may also elect to review Tax Statements and certain Notices electronically. Enroll today to get begin paperless online bank statements.

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Notice: When choosing how to receive your Tax Return, Adventure is unable to deposit prepaid Visa cards to your account.
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