Home Renovation Loans

We'll help make your dream home a reality.

  • The Credit Your Deserve
    The Credit Your Deserve

    Loan amount is based on improved value of your home.

  • Fixed Interest Rates
    Fixed Interest Rates

    Budget confidently with an interest rate that won't change.

  • Quick Closings
    Quick Closings

    We'll get you out the door and on to your project.

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You don't have to move out to move up!

Instead of moving to a new house to get the space and features you want, let Adventure Credit Union help you finance a renovation or addition that’ll turn your current home into your dream Michigan home.

Adventure Credit Union wants to help homeowners in Grand Rapids and Lansing, Michigan and beyond reach their home improvement goals with a specialized loan they won't find anywhere else.

To check today's interest rates or learn if a Home Renovation Loan is right for your project, contact a Mortgage Loan Officer online or call 616-514-1613.

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Are you looking to increase your square footage with an addition?  Or refresh your home with a major remodeling project? 

Unlike other lenders, Adventure Credit Union recognizes the value these projects add to your home.  That’s why we calculate the amount you’re allowed to borrow based on your home’s new value when the project(s) is complete.

This subtle distinction often allows us to lend significantly more money to our borrowers' for their project, vs. a traditional home equity loan or a cash-out mortgage.  See the Loan Example below.

We offer competitive fixed interest rates and loan terms ranging from 15 to 30 years.


In the example above, our Home Renovation Loan would allow you to borrow an additional $45,000 for your project versus a traditional home equity loan.


Once approved, your Home Renovation Loan acts as a line of credit that you are able to draw on for up to 9-months to complete your addition and/or renovations.  We cap your interest rate upfront to protect you in the event that mortgage rates increase during the course of your project.

When your project is completed, your line of credit will be converted to a term loan.  At this time, if your first mortgage is held by another lender, you will be able to refinance and combine it with your Home Renovation Loan at the same interest rate you previously locked in.  As a result, you will make just one monthly mortgage payment to Adventure Credit Union. 


Rely on our mortgage specialists to help you secure a mortgage that is right for you.