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More than 32,000 accessible nationwide.

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Surcharge-free ATM withdrawals available through our network.

Peace of mind comes from knowing you can withdraw cash wherever you go without paying fees for out-of-network ATMs. Adventure Credit Union provides ATM access in Grand Rapids and Lansing, and we expand your access through the CO-OP ATM Network. The result is a Michigan-based credit union ATM network that stretches across the country.
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As a member of Adventure Credit Union, you naturally have free access at any Adventure Credit Union ATM. We extend your surcharge-free withdrawal access throughout the United States and Canada through our network relationships with CO-OP.

CO-OP ATM Network: Adventure Credit Union is a member of the CO-OP ATM network, which means you can use nearly 30,000 ATMs nationwide for surcharge-free withdrawals. CO-OP also offers ATMs at a variety of retailers, including select Costco, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven locations. Find one of these ATMs near you
There are two primary types of fees associated with the use of an ATM – a surcharge fee and a foreign fee. A surcharge is a fee that may be charged by the ATM owner to the cardholder in exchange for using the ATM if it is outside the credit union's surcharge free network(s). These fees are disclosed at the ATM machine and charged at the time of the transaction. This fee is designed to cover the cost of operating, maintaining, and supplying the ATM with cash.

Using Adventure Credit Union ATMs: Members of Adventure Credit Union who use their Adventure debit card at any Adventure Credit Union ATM are not charged any surcharge and transactions are unlimited. Transactions can be a withdrawal, balance inquiry, transfer, or deposit.

Using a CO-OP ATM: Adventure Credit Union is part of the CO-OP surcharge-free network. Members of Adventure Credit Union who use a CO-OP ATM are not charged a surcharge. Surcharge free transactions can be a withdrawal, balance inquiry, transfer, or deposit.

The second type of fee, known as a foreign fee or transaction fee, may be charged to you when you use an ATM that is outside the credit union's ATM network. Unlike surcharges, this charge is not assessed by the machine or its owner and may not show on the ATM screen. As a member of Adventure Credit Union, if you incur a transaction fee, you will see it on your account history and on your monthly statement.

ATM Transaction Fees: Adventure Credit Union members are allowed unlimited free ATM withdrawals at ATMs owned and operated by Adventure Credit Union. You can use Adventure Credit Union ATMs as many times in a month and never pay a fee. However, if you use the other ATMs in our network, each month you are allowed up to 4 no-fee withdrawals if you have Adventure Checking and up to 10 no-fee withdrawals if you have Edge Checking
CO-OP ATM Network was created by credit unions that joined forces to give their members the kind of financial convenience traditionally available only from big banks – all with the savings and personal service you expect from credit unions.

It’s easy to find the nearest location. All this convenience comes with no surcharge fees from either network.

Everyone’s heard of an ATM but what is an ITM? ITM is short for Interactive Teller Machine. It’s a video enhanced ATM providing a personal experience blended with ATM functionality. At an Adventure ITM you can video chat with a member service representative who can do almost anything you can do right in the branch.

Did you know at an ITM you can:

  • Withdraw amounts large or small, including change
  • Deposit cash or checks without envelope
  • Conduct a transaction with your ATM card
  • Transfer funds between your own accounts and to other members accounts
  • And more

Watch a video to learn more about Adventure's new ITMs.