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Be aware of online threats to your identity.

Take these steps.

We all enjoy socializing and managing money online, but these activities require responsibility. If you're careless, your personal information can be compromised, and with it, your Social Security number, credit card information and other sensitive data. Criminals use this information to impersonate you and commit fraud and theft.

If you're ever victimized, we offer ID Safe Choice,  which is a professional identity theft recovery service. Meanwhile, you can actively protect your identity and information by being careful in all interactions.

At Adventure Credit Union we do our best to protect your accounts and your debit and credit cards.  The strongest security is reached when we work together.  We employ sophisticated networks to identify possible fraudulent activity on your cards, but only you know your habits well enough to set the best alerts to quickly alert you to activity outside of your normal routine.  See below for Debit, Credit, and Account Alert options at Adventure Credit Union.

MasterCard Debit Card Controls - Adventure Mobile App

Take control of your debit card.  If you've misplaced your debit card, you can easily deactivate it using the Debit Card Control module on your Adventure mobile banking app.  Once found, you can re-activate it just as easily.

Use the app to report a card lost or stolen.  Your debit card will be closed immediately, and we will order a new one for you the next business day - you don't have to call, email or come in, it's all taken care of in the app!

Use the app to tell us about your travels.  Notifications for your Adventure debit card will be processed on the next business day.  Credit card notifications must be entered separately through the GoToMyVisa tab within Adventure Online Banking, or at  Use for easy access from mobile devices.  A unique login is required.  Card Control Disclosure

VISA Credit Card Alerts

Program alerts for your Adventure VISA credit card by going to the GoToMyVisa tab within Adventure Online Banking or for easy access from mobile devices.

You may also sign up for Purchase Alerts with VISA directly by clicking on the link below and registering your card.  With VISA Purchase Alerts, you can schedule alerts for three types of transactions that may indicate fraud:

- Reaching a purchase amount threshold
- International Purchases
- Purchases made over the internet or over the phone

Use this link:

Account Alerts

In Adventure Online Banking, choose the Options tab and then Alerts to schedule a number of different alerts for both your savings and checking accounts.  You will be notified by email, at login, or both, depending on your preference.

To receive account alerts by SMS Text, use the Adventure Mobile App and choose the menu item, Alerts.  You will need to first register your phone number with the app so that you can receive text messages.  This is done through the SMS menu item.