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Adventure Gives Q2 Update

Check out what Adventure was up to in the second quarter of 2022!

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In the second quarter of 2022, we had 14 events for a total of 244 hours.  At these events, we had 78 different employees volunteer.  We also contributed $6,000 to charitable/non-profit groups in the community in the form of donations and sponsorships.

Our event schedule was:
  • June 29: Kids' Food Basket
  • June 26: Humane Society of West Michigan; 139th annual Birthday Party
  • June 23: Ele's Place Capital Region
  • June 14: Ele's Place Capital Region
  • June 14: North Kent Connect
  • June 7: Friends of Grand Rapids Parks
  • June 6 - 10: Kids' Food Basket; lunch bag decorating
  • May 24: Kids' Food Basket
  • May 12: North Kent Connect
  • May 10: Greater Lansing Food Bank
  • May 3: Family Promise of Grand Rapids
  • April 23: Shred Day
  • April 14: Ele's Place Capital Region
  • April 8: Ele's Place Capital Region

Our donations and sponsorships were:
  • Friends of Grand Rapids Parks; Mayors Greening Initiative event sponsor
  • Ele's Place of Grand Rapids; Courage, Comfort, and Cocktails event sponsor
  • Ele's Place Capital Region; Ele's Race event sponsor

Group of Adventure Employees holding food items for donation Adventure Employees posing with a tree they planted Adventure Employees at North Kent Connect