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Your mobile device is indispensable, so now you can turn it into an extension of our Grand Rapids and Lansing, Michigan branches. Take care of financial tasks easily using your phone or tablet. All you need to do is enroll in Online Banking and then download our free mobile banking app.

Then you can transfer money, send bill payments, deposit checks using our Remote Deposit Capture, make payments with our Mobile Wallet services and much more. There are also plenty of banking options if your phone isn't app-compatible but you want to use text banking.

How do I refresh my settings on the app?

Our app occasionally requires settings updates. Follow these procedures:

Apple Devices: Open the app on your device. Tap the About button, then tap the Back button. Your settings have been updated; you can then proceed to log in to the app.

Android Devices: Open the app on your device. Tap the Setup button and proceed to log in. Your settings have been updated and you can proceed as usual.

When you visit the Adventure Credit Union website from any mobile device, you will see login options - one for Online Banking and one for Mobile Banking. Depending on your device and how you prefer to access your accounts, you have options to log in with the option that best fits you.

Card Controls is a feature of the mobile app from which members can block, unblock, close, reorder, and set travel notifications for debit cards.

SMS/Text Banking

Provides quick and simple access to your account balances, account history, and allows you to transfer funds. Send a text message command to Adventure and you'll get a response with the requested information.


Alerts notify you of important account activity. You must set up and turn on the alerts you want. To stop receiving alerts, simply delete them at any time.

To set up alerts, log in to our app, click Alerts, and click New Alert. On the Alert Home screen you will see what alerts you have set up already or you can select a new alert or help. There are three alerts available:

  1. Daily summary. This alert is sent once a day every day and includes the balance for the account and any transactions that have cleared your account since the previous day’s alert.
  2. Balance changed. This alert is sent if your balance changes either up or down from one day to the next. If your balance does not change no alert is sent.
  3. Balance below. This alert is sent if your balance falls below an amount you have entered into the alert setup screen. For example, if you set $100 to be the alert value then your balance changes from $150 to $75 you will receive an alert.

All alert functionality is accessed from the Alert Home screen. You can create alerts for each account, delete alerts or edit the value for the Balance Below alert. For example, if you want a low balance alert for your checking account and another one for your saving account, you have to set up alerts for each account separately.

Note: Your phone must be enrolled for SMS before enabling above alerts. Just log in to Mobile Banking and click SMS. The SMS Profile screen will allow you enroll up to five different mobile numbers.

Secure Your Mobile Device

Because mobile devices are much easier to misplace and are more susceptible to theft, we recommend you secure your device with a PIN or password. While you will be prompted for your Online Banking password before you can access your account, this will provide another layer of protection. Contact your service provider for more details on setting up a PIN or password for your specific mobile device.