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Notices about Unusual Debit Card Transactions

Learn to recognize valid messages about your debit card.

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For the safety of our members, Adventure Credit Union uses automated phone calls and text messages when we encounter a debit card transaction that we believe is unusual or suspicious.  These types of automated notices have become a standard practice for banks and credit unions.  

Unfortunately, fraudsters have taken notice and have begun posing as financial institutions, using phone calls and texts to simulate suspicious transaction notices.  The fraudsters’ goal is to get the cardholder to respond to their bogus message so that they can collect additional information such as card numbers, account numbers, etc.

Since this type of scam can occur, it is important that you are able to recognize a valid phone call or text message sent by Adventure Credit Union:

• A valid text about debit card transactions will come from short code 86975 
• A valid phone call about debit card transactions will come from 855.961.1602

It is also possible that an employee from Adventure will call you directly.  In these instances, the phone call will be from our local number: 616.243.0125. Our employees will always identify themselves by name, and leave our toll-free number (800.323.2129) as the best number to call us back.

We never use our toll-free number 800.323.2129 for automated notices.  If you receive such as notice, please do not provide any information or click any links.  Please notify the credit union by calling 616.243.0125, option 7.

If you are ever uncertain about a message or phone call that you receive from Adventure Credit Union – do not engage.  Hang up the phone, and call the credit union at our local (616.243.0125) or toll-free number (800.323.2129).  It’s always better to be safe, than sorry!