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Travel Tips for Debit and Credit Cardholders

Do you have to plans to travel or live someplace other than your primary residence?  Here are our tips and recommendations for ensuring uninterrupted access to your accounts.

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  • Please tell us about your travel plans so we can put temporary exclusions on your card.  Using your card in new places, distant from your home can cause your card to be flagged for suspicious activity.  Notifying us in advance can help avoid these situations.
  • Make sure you have a backup card when you travel in case your primary card is lost, stolen, or impacted by fraud.  We suggest having both an Adventure debit card and VISA credit card.
    • You can apply for a new VISA credit card or limit increase on an existing VISA by visiting a branch, applying online, or calling 800.323.2129, and selecting option 4.
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  • Be sure to set up alerts on all of your Adventure cards.  Debit card alerts can be configured in digital banking.  VISA credit card alerts can be configured via eZCard, also within digital banking.  Alerts help monitor your account, and notify you of any changes so that you can respond quickly.
  • Whenever you travel, make sure you have your credit union account number with you.  If you need to visit a Shared Branch credit union location, their tellers will need your credit union name and account number. 
  • Whether you are at home or traveling, the best way to mail us a VISA credit card payment is to send your check to: Adventure Credit Union PO Box 895 Grand Rapids, MI 49518